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How to get rid of bags under eyes


Tips, cosmetics, home remedies against bags under the eyes

bags under eyes remediesThe bags under the eyes are a big problem for both women and for men, therefore it will be appropriate to intervene with natural and home remedies or in some cases even surgery. Do not forget that the appearance of bags may also be in relation to age and genetic predisposition.

To try to reduce this imperfection, there are many natural remedies.

First a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables which provide antioxidants, drink a lot during the day and reduce the amount of salt in foods to help water retention can be very important!.



It will also be appropriate:

Ensuring the own body a sufficient number of hours of sleep, possibly resting with the head a little raised, to prevent the liquid to descend in the lower part.

Reduce or eliminate the amount of alcohol and cigarettes, smoking restricts blood flow to the absorbed substances.

Aid may also be offered by compresses of chamomile tea in the morning or repeated rinses with alternating cold water to the water, a wet black tea bag in hot water kept on for ten minutes.



Effective decongestant mask will also be applied in the evening before going to bed.

Choose according to the characteristics of their skin type firming creams to use morning and evening to the base of chamomile or green tea that favor the micro-circulation and the discharge of liquids.

They are very effective even those based on jojoba oil to obtain a more elastic or those that contain vitamin K and retinol, which not only reduce the swelling, but make it less noticeable staining.

If puffy eyes represent a real problem, you can use the eyelid, with a small incision, the surgeon will remove the fat that is excess skin.