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Eye contour creams


Choosing the best eye creams

Eye contour creamsIt is not easy to choose an eye cream that can be defined as optimal for any skin type and problem, but in the market there are so many, it will be appropriate to focus primarily on natural components that are able to ensure results are nothing short of amazing.
The appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, affects both men and women, the signs of aging affect both sexes without distinction and the fault is all of our genetic heritage .


The cellular aging is a natural physiological process, but knowing your skin type, choose the right products and reduce the hours of sun exposure, can help us to keep our skin supple and hydrated.
The anti-aging eye creams represent a market in continuous evolution, but pay attention to the ingredients. Although tested can be harmful not only for the skin, but also for the body and for the environment.
They are available for both men and women, eye creams specific quality, very delicate, because it does not contain substances that may irritate the inside or outside of the eye.
Very common are the anti-wrinkle creams with hyaluronic acid that thanks to the moisturizing and soothing, can provide an immediate lifting effect, especially suitable for wrinkles more pronounced.



Eye Cream, retinol and ceramides

Ideals are the retinol eye creams that promote the increase of natural cell turnover and increase the production of elastin and collagen.
The creams with ceramides are particularly suitable as anti dark circles and anti aging, they are fatty substances designed to protect the skin from environmental factors and pollution.
There are also creams with collagen an active ingredient that counteracts the great natural wear and tear of epithelial tissues, and turned around the eyelids, reducing the puffiness and wrinkles.
They are in great demand even those enriched with vitamin A and C as well as the power firming offer a refreshing feeling.
Commercial products are available in both serum, rich in active ingredients in the gel for a quick and cream, also, when necessary, you can opt for a massage draining of excess fluids, a valid action and able to offer excellent results.

Once you choose an eye cream, you should remember that in order to make it more effective, you have to use it regularly morning and evening, with a circular massage to facilitate absorption, after adequate cleaning of the face.