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Bags under eyes


Puffiness under eyes

bags under eyesThe bags under eyes rarely hide a pathology, rather represent an aesthetic discomfort. They present with a swelling in the lower part of the eye more or less evident depending on the severity. Their formation depends on the weakening of ocular tissues and muscles that support the eyelids and the stagnation of the fat that is found in the orbit that arises in the lower part of the eye. This problem becomes more evident with the passage of time and with a lifestyle that is not quite correct.



Causes of bags under the eyes

Generally, there are two factors that trigger puffiness under eyes: genetics and a dissolute life. Who in your family has parents or grandparents who suffer from this disease have to try to prevent it in advance by implementing solutions and treatments that can at least delay the onset of the bags around the eyes. Unfortunately you do not mess with the DNA and the likelihood that see the bags under the eyes is high and only a surgery can be solver to 100%. Otherwise, if the patient, man or woman, follows an unhealthy lifestyle, associated with bad eating habits, the solution of the problem puffy eyes is very simple: to return to a balanced lifestyle, sleep than 7 or 8 hours a night and eating a balanced diet especially fat and fried food without fat and fries.



Other causes of bags under the eyes are due to problems of water retention caused by temperature changes, hormonal imbalances or a lack of fluid intake in the body. More rarely, the bags appear on the face due to allergies or dermatitis.